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    Les soins du corps Jean d'Avèze protègent, adoucissent et stimulent votre peau pour la rendre plus nette et plus saine au quotidien.

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    • Body splash

      A different way to smell good! Perfumed body sprays can be used over the whole body after a shower. They contain soothing, long-lasting active ingredients and leave you feeling fresh.

    • Moisturing

      Your body also needs moisturising to keep the skin soft and supple. Apply a lotion or oil daily and treat yourself to a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week.

    • Protection UVA

      Choosing the right SPF (Sun Protection Factor). A person with normal skin should initially use a sunscreen with SPF between 30 and 50, while someone with matt skin can reduce that level in half. SUN = I protect myself. 

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